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About Us

We are a group of experienced market trader that emphasize on Precious Metals Market.


Achieve top tiers gold trader.


Profit from gold market.

Our Job

Monitors — Execute — Profit!

We analyse and trade in gold market.

We are full time professional trader which are experienced in trading forex majors and precious metals in the leveraged market.

With super-fund as our capital to trade and invest against the Gold instrument with top tiers broker and liquidity. As trading Gold instrument requires higher margin for execution and maintain position in a leveraged market, humongous amount of fund is needed as capital to safe trade without getting our capital liquidated.

As an experienced trader team, we are well grounded in both in fundamental and technical market analysis techniques and our trading experience includes: Stocks, ETFs, Futures, Forex, Options and Commodities. Utilizing our trading knowledge and educational background, we have developed strategic trading in precious metals market especially in Gold through the maze of financial markets. We are committed traders in gold futures, developing better accuracy of buying gold contracts, applying our trading mechanism to generate profits by minimizing the loss.